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Ooops, sorry for this stupid double post No, thank you! Let's hope it all works well, and for myself I hope that will fix my sound problem.

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I will come back here to report the installation. Errors fixed and addons cdrom check disabled as you're probably right about cases. Try setting SoundHardwareAcceleration to Emulation in winecfg, if your distro use pulseaudio it's a common bug. Expansions shortcuts are not mandatory right?

Installation is working properly, for all patches and games.

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I invoke the games with a special tool AoE loader, it's a fix for multiplayer over hamachi. When starting the game without sound, it works perfectly. When I start the game with sound, I hear sounds during the cinematics startup movies , but the game crashes. I am told by the game that it can not find "l3codecx. However I can find the file in the system32 folder of my prefix. I'll post my log on how I will try to get sound. Sound driver set to OSS Result: no progress Let's try ALSA now Result: Booh! Even no sound during intro cinematics Switching back to OSS. I read something about extracting the l3codecx.

Maybe that will work then I will use it to overwrite the l3codecx. Only intro cinematics sound What can be wrong? I have no pulseaudio installed Got sound to work, back ground music and taunts not yet.

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I'll see if I can get that also to work, but that will be on monday. I'm wanting to play with my dad over LAN, I've installed all three of the versions on both his and my computer, I insert Warchiefs into his disc drive and create the LAN game, I insert dynasties into my disc drive and go and look for the game, but it isn't there. I'm not expecting to play with the asian dynasties expansion content , I did however think with the dynasties disc inserted that it would be backward compatible with the other two versions.

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Is this possible? I'd prefer not to have to buy another collection of TAD games just so we can play, if it isn't possible I might try just buying a new copy of TAD, so I have two discs. Jun 30, 2.

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Jun 30, 3. I'll give that a shot, but I don't think so.

I've found previously if I take the disc out, I get a "please insert the disc and retry" message. I thought about doing a no cd crack, but, all the sites are incredibly questionable, and no doubt loaded with stuff I don't want.

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Is it illegal to make a copy of the disc for this purpose? I'm leaning towards yes Jun 30, 4. Jun 30, 5.

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Jul 1, 6. In light of this, how do I download the patch? Good question: As far as we know, the patches are bug-less.

Meaning, if you have problems then you might want to reinstall your copy of Age of Empires. Then try to download the patch. S My apologies for getting off-topic but I had to ask! You are commenting using your WordPress.

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