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These Mac clients are excellent tools for tech support services, to access a remote computer in a matter of seconds. Remote desktop Mac client comes as first-party, third-party, open-source or freeware to aid the users in multiple ways. Many remote desktop Mac clients are available to access the computer from any location regardless of the distance. Experience the best of the features by selecting the one best Remote Desktop Clients for Mac that suit your needs and demands.

Chrome Remote Desktop has always been a favorite for all remote connections since its release.

Best 6 Mac Remote Apps Easily Control Your Mac from Android

Other than the Mac client, the remote desktop from Google supports cross-platform capabilities including Android. Support for Multiple Monitors in one go and automatic updates make this one godsend. Chrome Remote Desktop is a great tool and contains good features for being the best remote desktop Mac client. The installation is pretty simple as it comes with a chrome store app.

Remote access is done either by sharing the access code or linking your devices to the app and Google account. The security features of Google ensure that the sessions are all encrypted. Connections are initiated by either an access code or PIN.

To Enable Chrome Remote Desktop connection on your device, first, install the app from the browser and click to enable remote connections on that device. After this, open the file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the Chrome Remote Desktop services.

Set up a PIN to access the computer from anywhere using the app and Google account. One of the favorite remote desktop Mac clients, TeamViewer is widely used by people all over the world. Sporting the useful features like wake-on-LAN that wakes the computer at sleep.

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Due to the presence of online meetings and collaboration functions, multiple people can connect with a host or share it when necessary. It functions as remote desktop Mac allowing you to switch the computers and control them with proper functions. There is a little lag time as it delivers high performance making it the perfect tool for Apple remote desktop client available for all.

The straightforward interface of the app turns the user experience smooth and allows them to use all the free features with ease. The Remote sessions can be recorded to a video file and portability allows quick access to remote connections on the go.

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Website Link: TeamViewer. Just a single window is shared instead of the whole screen that contains all uncompleted tasks like unread emails, documents. It also allows the person to continue working on the document. You can easily avoid the sharing of the document while you share the screen.

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One can use this best secure remote desktop Mac client for a free trial that lasts about 14 days. The person can also create more than one personal background that is usable almost any time. Users can access the infinite canvas and the space available to capture every idea without any trouble. Other privacy and security policies include muting individual participants for better the control.

Users can also access the software for video conferencing and pass the role of presenter among participants. Apple Remote Desktop is the best means to control and manage the Mac computers on the network. This remote desktop Mac client is available to give online help to the end users. Anybody can use this software on their system to automate routine management task from your own Mac.

Easily copy and install software with the help of Apple remote desktop client. Using this Mac client we can generate accurate and detailed hardware and software reports. The remote desktop client Mac can also encrypt the network data when copying the packages and files. But the core functionality works effectively, providing remote screen and file access, and several security options. With a focus on just providing solid remote-access tools, Splashtop is far less expensive than its closest competitors, which include features that many users may not need.

TeamViewer is very generous where personal use is concerned. TeamViewer allows unlimited use of the full version of its software for non-commercial purposes. A Remote Control tab shows computers in your account set, and you can select one and use it in a variety of ways, including for presentations and video calls. The iOS client is a little thin compared to the desktop versions, but offers solid access to necessary features, including an easy swap among multiple monitors on a remote desktop. Each of the apps reviewed here met the following criteria.

OS support.

Who Needs Remote Access Software?

File transfers. Includes the ability to perform file transfers. Although Dropbox and other sync servers remove the strict need for file transfer, it remains a core useful part of remotely accessing a computer. User management features. The reviewed apps allow for unattended remote access of computers in a set or the same account. Many of these products can also ask for or be granted permission to other computers. Also, these apps let you group available computers into an account for easy access by browsing, and they can let you invite others outside of an account group for remote viewing or remote control.

Ability to handle complex network setups.

It's helpful if an app can punch through complicated network situations. An app should be affordable for individuals or small businesses. Per-seat or per-computer licenses can quickly become stratospheric for products intended for corporate users. Reviews on the App Store and elsewhere indicate that the latest version has significant flaws and limitations, while the cost is quite high per user, especially with its missing features and fragility. Each of these products takes a slightly different approach to how it counts users, sessions, and remotely accessible computers for pricing purposes.

As a result, it makes more sense to recommend products by scenario instead of generally. All monthly prices noted require an annual upfront payment and reflect price divided into months. Non-commercial use. A single user and two computers. A few more users or a fair number of computers. Splashtop is also the cheapest option if you need to access more than two computers or want to enable multiple users on the same account.

14 Best Remote Desktop Software For Mac

However, each user brings their own set of up to 10 computers, creating a larger pool for each other user to access. A few computers and unlimited users accessing them. LogMeIn structures itself around computers that can be accessed, and its rates are great if there a few remote Macs that a lot of people need to reach.