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I am using a macbook pro with retina and an external LG blu ray drive.

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When you open the app you should see a box with the name of your movie. This worked for me on many movies, and I was able to even see the title menu and navigate to chapters, scene selection, pt 1, pt2, etc, just as you would on a normal tv. The hitch came when I put in a blu ray disc for a tv show, instead of a movie. I get no menu at all, it simply just plays the first episode immediatley. For me, as soon as I watch or skip past the first episode on the disc, it reruns that episode. This app is great for watching movies even though it may be frustrating to work at first, but it is terrible for watching tv shows as their is no menu for those.

After finding the vast selection of two in the App Store, I opted for this free one. All this without ever stopping to read, or even look for, any of the instructions. With a little patience for spool-up and buffering, the movie played in incredibly clear resolution.

How to get VLC 3.0 to play Blu-ray's on windows 10

Additionally, there was no flaws in playback of either video or audio. In short, for a free App, Thanks to the developers for that, by the way, this one is better than one would hope for, does what it is intended to do and has a very simple interface. This apparently free player is amazing since it functions just like a stand alone BD player.

The picture quality is great this Leawo player offers brightness and contrast adjustments… the gamma seems locked? Mac App Store Preview. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Description The first free and all-region Blu-ray media player for Mac users to watch HD movies on Mac without any format barrier. Dec 14, Version 1.

Information Seller Leawo Software Co. Size With the Leawo, you can watch movies on your computer and do other processor-heavy tasks without slowing down your movie or other programs. When we tested the best Blu-ray player software, we timed how long it takes from when you push the play button to when the movie actually starts playing. It only takes five seconds for Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player to start showing your movie.

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This is the fastest time we recorded. For comparison our top choice takes up to 15 seconds to begin playing.

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The longest time we saw was in WinDVD, which took 22 seconds. However, there are some serious drawbacks to this software. It lacks many of the features we look for in this category, including HD and 3D upscaling, as well as lossless audio playback. And it effectively smooths out pixelation and artifacts that can result from upscaling. It is worth noting that this is the slowest-starting Blu-ray player we reviewed.


During our test phase, we timed how long it takes each program to begin playing a disc after the play button is pressed. WinDVD Pro took 22 seconds. Others we tested took as few as 5 seconds. We have been reviewing the best Blu-ray player software since We tested each Blu-ray player program to determine the extent of its features, settings, functionality and ease of use. We evaluated the types of media discs and digital files they could process and the quality they produced. We looked for quality software that came with multiple types of customer support and was compatible with as many operating systems as possible.

This grade is based on whether the software accommodates a variety of disc and digital file types without excessive drain on the central processing unit. We judged programs on their capacity to play the video without lag, buffering or any other distortions or delays. We also judged them on the amount and efficacy of audio and picture optimization settings.

Tipard Blu-ray Player for Mac

This grade reflects how easy the software was to use, its important features and settings, and how well it performs each task. Good player software should have an interface that is immediately easy to understand and navigate, causing no doubt or frustration in accessing features. We also judged customization options and other features, such as the modifiable video effects. We played a test DVD and monitored our computer's CPU strain while running the software without any extra features or programs activated.

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  • How to Play Blu-ray on PC or Mac with 10 Best Free and Professional Blu-ray Player Software?

The percentage shows the amount of processing power used while playing a movie in full screen. Higher percentages will mean that your computer may run slower if you are running multiple programs, or you may hear the computer fan running to keep the processor from overheating. And the association is going to be broadening its efforts to spread public understanding of Ultra HD Blu-ray technology. This kind of software has convenient uses beyond playing Blu-ray movies. Some programs have the capacity to upscale standard-definition movies to high definition, or 2D movies up to 3D.

However, if you choose to create a 3D movie, you'll still need compatible equipment to properly view it, including 3D glasses and a 3D-capable TV.

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Blu-ray movies are meant to sound as good as they look. Good Blu-ray player software provides Dolby and Digital Theater System support and lossless audio playback, even when you use headphones or connect your computer to another device via HDMI cable. Additionally, the software should be able to fully handle all intended DVD capacities, including multi-language output for any DVD that offers it.

Most software offers modifiable video effects, letting you adjust picture hue, saturation and brightness.