Mac wireless keyboard not working properly

Logitech Bluetooth® Multi-Device Keyboard K Setup Guide

Usually you have to sign up to be a beta tester. Submit a bug report, wait for the alpha, or downgrade to the latest alpha release that available in the App Store.

How to fix MacBook Pro/Air keyboard not working keys - easy steps - problem fixed

It sounds complicated, but this solution is fast, effective and easy. The whole process should take 60 seconds. If you can see this icon, go to step c below. Optionally enable the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar. On your keyboard hold down Shift and Alt.

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With these two buttons held down on the keyboard with your left hand, use your right hand to click on the Bluetooth icon on your menu bar. This will open the special Debug menu for your Bluetooth connections. Hover over Debug so that its sub-menu opens up, then click on Remove all devices.

How to fix a broken wireless keyboard

This will tell macOS to forget everything it thinks it knows about your connected Bluetooth devices. Now, in the menu bar at the top of your screen, click on the Bluetooth icon again. This time, you do not need to hold down Shift and Alt.

In Bluetooth System Preferences, you should see a list of all the Bluetooth devices you use. They should all be disconnected now. In this list, find your wireless Bluetooth keyboard.

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Simply click the Connect box beside your keyboard. It is rare but sometimes you may have Bluetooth problems. And this will cause your Bluetooth devices and accessories to stop working.

Bluetooth technology lets you wirelessly connect various hardwares keyboard, mouse, trackpad, headset etc to your Mac by associating them with your computer also called pairing. Once paired, your Mac connects to these tools if Bluetooth is working.

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Please try each step until your issue is resolved. After each step, check to see if Bluetooth is working.

How to Fix Common Macbook Keyboard Issues

So you may want to use a wired device. See also: Unable to turn on Bluetooth. If none of the methods above work, you may want to contact Apple support. You may also want to make a Genius Bar reservation.