How do i connect one mac to another wirelessly

But once I disconnect and re-connect to network.

If You Want to Share a Wi-Fi Connection

I have to go to sharing again and re-share to make it working. Is there any way to permanently share the internet? Does anyone know how many connections you can make at once when you are sharing an ethernet connection via wifi in MacOS? I thought I read on another forum you can have at least 8 connections at once. I need at least 4 connections. Any help with this is appreciated. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Share Related Posts.

How To Share Files Between Macs Without Software

About The Author. Thank you. Thanks in advance.

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Thanks So much. Jaxxyt February 23, Reply. Jiowaf March 1, Reply. Prosa March 4, Reply. Joseph July 6, Reply. Doesnt work on OSX Tupring September 25, Reply. Working for me, most likely user error. CC June 20, Reply. Me too!!! Fer August 7, Reply.

9 ways to share files between Macs

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9 ways to share files between Macs | Macworld

Tim August 26, Reply. All i really want to share my internet for the my ipod, but it doesnt show up help please? Dyster January 26, Reply. Mz April 4, Reply. Many thanks it was really helpful. Tenpel May 28, Reply. Very helpful! Viktoria September 20, Reply. When I try to share my internet from my mac, via an ethernet cable making my mac a hotspot , I get this message up: Your Internet connection cannot be shared because it is protected by I feel like I have tried everything firewall is down, etc.

Take a look at the diagram above. You'll need a cable or DSL modem and a Mac connected to the modem via an ethernet cable. Then you can connect any number of computers and devices to the Mac's new wireless network.

Now your Mac is acting as a wireless router. You can connect other computers and devices to the new wireless network you just created, and you can also continue to surf the Internet on your Mac. Remember, your Mac is connected to the Internet via the ethernet connection, and all of the computers and devices are connected to your Mac. A former ghost writer for some of Apple's most notable instructors, Cone founded Macinstruct in , a site with OS X tutorials that boasts hundreds of thousands of unique visitors per month.

You can email him at: matt macinstruct. The place to learn about your Mac. Tips and tutorials for novices and experts.

Sharing Wireless connection over Ethernet

Here's how to use your Mac as a wireless router: Connect the ethernet cable from your Mac to the cable or DSL modem, if you haven't already. From the Apple menu, select System Preferences. The window shown below appears. Click Sharing. Click the lock icon and authenticate with an administrator account to make changes. From the sidebar, select Internet Sharing. Don't select the checkbox yet - you'll do that later. From the Share your connection from menu, select Ethernet.